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The Child Care Licensing Unit has determined a different process is needed to request waivers for child care assistants to work without direct supervision and observation of qualified staff, given the staffing shortages programs are experiencing. Please note that all other rules apply; for example the completion of the health and safety trainings as noted in He-C 4002.30(a). Please read the below information carefully.

In order to ensure we are adequately able to respond to your requests to waive the requirements of He-C 4002.32(o)(2), to temporarily allow assistant teachers to work with children without the direct supervision and observation of a qualified staff, we kindly ask you to submit your request for waiver of this rule in writing to the following email address: All requests need to be directed to this mailbox, even if you have already provided this information in whole or in part to another individual member of the Child Care Licensing Unit.

Please provide the following information:

1)      Name of program;

2)      Address of program;

3)      License number;

4)      Name of contact person;

5)      Email address and phone number of contact person; and

6)      Names of assistant teachers for this request.

Once we receive this information we will work on processing your request. We ask that all questions pertaining to your request, also be directed to the mailbox.  Please note, missing or incomplete requests will only result in processing delays.