The following is a list of licensed centers that have indicated that they have child care slots available. It is your responsibility when using or contacting any of these centers to determine whether the center is a good fit for your child care needs. 

The information presented does not constitute an endorsement of any child care program or person or the services they offer. Relying on information contained herein is done at one’s own risk.

To Apply for Child Care Payment Assistance-   

                                                  NH Child Care Assistance 


                                       VT Child Care Assistance


Please Contact Centers Directly for More Information

6/12/20 UPDATE

I am working to get the information for available child care slots into the system. Thank you for your patience!  We will be working this weekend to begin the process of data entry.  Please check back daily, beginning 6/15/20 as slots will be updated as centers report in!

The ECEA is currently working on an available child care navigation system for Upper Valley.  Our goal is to have something in place by 6/12/20 for a temporary solution to support families in their search for child care.  Check back on 6/12/20 for an update!